Title: Totems

Address: 24 Kimberley Street

Artists: Hannah Casey, Lyndsey McDougall & Laurent Pellisser.

Saturday 24th 12 – 4pm

Sunday 25th  12 – 4pm

Event: Exhibition

Totems was made in kitchens and on living room floors by Lyndsey McDougall, Laurent Pellisser and Hannah Casey. Following a recent Berlin group show Totems will move out of the gallery and into the home of artist Lyndsey McDougall. The work will include painting, embroidery and sculpture as well as unseen work made for this years household.

Lyndsey McDougall: I practice hand embroidery and like to work with large pieces of fabric.  I use the language of symbolism from various disciplines including religious, cartographic and scientific. I’m interested in the history of writing because I find it the most difficult form of communication and therefore find imagery and symbolism an easier way to portray abstract thought.

Hannah Casey: I am a painter with a background of drawing, sculpture and textile
design. I choose to work on paper, board and wood. My work is inspired by small travels in real and imagined landscapes. The shapes in my paintings often take on characters of my own invention, becoming companions I can revisit. My paintings are about colour, season and adventure.

Laurent Pellissier was born in 1981 in the Italian Alps. He lives and works between Berlin and Paris. After a degree in architecture with a major in history and preservation and a diploma in clarinet he started to work in Paris in set and costume design. At the same time he developed a constant and silent art practice. He likes to collect things. It’s an obsession that pushes him to save objects from oblivion and keep their story going.