Location: 5 Delhi Parade

Date/Time:  Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-5pm

Event Type: Exhibition

Artists: Hannah McBride, Phil McCrilly & Ben Crothers


For Household 2013, Hannah McBride, Phillip McCrilly and Ben Crothers present new works at 5 Delhi Parade. Working in different media across various spaces within the house, certain subtle relationships can be construed between works which at first glance might not seem so immediately connected. Crothers and McCrilly have chosen to install new work in the open plan downstairs area of the house – both examining the division between life and art, albeit in very different ways – while McBride will create a site-specific installation in the disused box room space upstairs.

McBride’s practice, rooted in a sculptural understanding of space, explores and is informed by the politics of space. She utilises methods of display to emphasise shifts in perspective and viewpoint.  This installation will draw on cultural experiences of public and private space, exploring how subtle shifts in social, psychological and political context influence and interrupt processes of art making.

Within his work, McCrilly communicates in image and gesture, in speech and in writing about this work(ing method). He is interested in the threshold of Life and Art; a space where a theatricality unfolds, totally estranged from everyday life, yet at the same time mirroring it.

Through personal essays, Crothers questions how we define ourselves amid a hailstorm of cultural, scholastic and entertainment influences in the process of growing up. He illustrates a deep nostalgia for his youth which underlies much of his current curatorial practice, and whilst early 1990s childhood experiences vary greatly, there are things which he feels to be universal amongst his peers. His interest lies in the division between what we collectively shared in our youth and the things we did which made us wholly original.


Hannah McBride is an artist living and working in Belfast. She held her first solo show at Satis House in July 2012, and has recently completed a residency at the University of Ulster.

Phillip McCrilly (b.1988) is a Belfast based visual artist and writer.  He graduated with First Class Honours in Fine and Applied Art from the University of Ulster in 2012.  He has also studied at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig, Germany. Phillip has exhibited locally and internationally. He is currently a Co-Director at Catalyst Arts, Belfast.

Ben Crothers (b.1987) is a Belfast-based curator and writer. He holds an MA in Art History and Film Theory from the University of Essex, and has curated contemporary art exhibitions in a number of Belfast’s leading galleries. Selected curatorial projects include Interplanetary (2012), The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (2012), STRANGE LOOP (2013) and Psychic Driving (2013).