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Satis House
86 Deramore Avenue

Artist: Gerard Carson

Friday 23rd:  5pm – 8pm
Saturday 24th:  12pm – 6pm
Sunday 25th:  12pm – 6pm

An exhibition of new work by Belfast-based artist Gerard Carson, staged within the only dedicated gallery space for contemporary art in the Ormeau area.




Gerard Carson is a visual artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His practice alternates between mediums, working in collage, sculpture, installation and video, often making use of precarious and found materials to produce interconnected mixed media sculptural works.
For Household Festival 2013, Carson will take up residence at Satis House, where he will create works in response to particular qualities present in the gallery, introducing his own sensibilities regarding the gallery as a sculptural object and experience.

Carson’s work takes form through a precarious catenation of interconnecting substances that mimic architectural and technological forms, where the object or construction presents a minimalist facade, underneath which a network of feedback loops exists. He is interested in the development of this abstraction that has come about in tandem with the rise of computing technology.
The utilitarian machine for the use of specialists has become a ubiquitous minimalist device, situated within the homogeneity of a wireless environment. By using ephemeral materials (cardboard, paper, tinfoil, found images/video), he attempts to give reference to this environment of ephemeral data, which exists in a simultaneous dichotomy of both the physical and the ethereal.