HOUSEHOLD is a curatorial collective that encourages audiences to re-negotiate how they view and interact with art in urban and domestic spaces. The collective aims to create opportunities to experience new work in unrestricted, non-commercial and non-institutional contexts.

LATEST NEWS: HOUSEHOLD Collective's plans for 2015

Household Collective has been humbled by the large volume of requests we have received over the last few weeks enquiring about the Household Festival. We thoroughly enjoyed organising the last two festivals, but are currently planning a completely different, ambitious project, to be staged across Belfast in 2015. For this reason, we will not be organising a festival in 2014. However, we will keep everyone up to date about our future developments through our social media and mailouts.

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Co-curator Ciara Hickey's exhibition "An Active Encounter" – featuring work by Tamas St.Turba, Ruth Clinton, Niamh Moriarty, Colm Clarke and Michael O’Halloran – opens in PS2, Belfast (until 01 March); co-curator Kim McAleese commences her 6-week curatorial residency at SOMA, Mexico City; co-curator Alissa Kleist is curator in residence (until 21 February) and presents a lecture at the University of Ulster (20 February) as part of her Arts Council of Northern Ireland ACES Curatorial award

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